Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 6 of 30

Favorite attraction in Frontierland?
Splash Mountain

Details...great detail on this ride.  Alot of fun anyone can ride it and it even has a nice little drop at the end.  The shootin arcade was a close second followed by BTMRR.  
Ok so today i updated My fastpass list to show which ones i currently have.  If anyone can help me out with other attractions that feature or have featured fastpass in the past please let me know i want to try and get ones even from like the Haunted Mansion.  Also i added KB's blog to my side links of places to go so definately go check hers out.  If you want yours on the side links just let me know and follow me and il put it up.  Also while we are here Alyssa just got accepted to her CP on Wednesday so congrats to her.  Her blog is also on the side links so check it out people stat...that means soon.  
Not really much else to do now until May i mean finish the 30 day challenge talk a bit more and finish school then i can become THE ULTIMATE PIN TRADER that i have been dreaming about haha.  But seriously i think 81 day left abouts so everyone get excited!!!

Brett Signing out......

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