Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 26 of 30

Favorite Souvenir????

Pins are awesome and i have alot i would say around 500 possibly more.  Pins are an obsession and they are just so unique and there are so many that truly anyone can love pins cause there is a Disney pin for you.  The best are the limited edition ones.
There is a Cheshire cat Lollipop pin, seen below, that is limited edition of 200.  I have 2 so i own 1% of all the Cheshire cat lollipop pins ever made and that is what makes Disney pins amazing.  I cannot wait to get to Disney and pin trade ALLLLLLLLL the time
Limited Edition of 200
I love Muppet, Figment, and Pluto pins also rare limited edition ones so if you ever wanna trade let me know!!
Also we start the CP in 2 months so everyone get excited!!!!

OOO almost forgot i found the best video of Epcot ever so make sure you check it out its a kind of picture tour of epcot i forget what its called but here is the link

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