Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 12 of 30

Favorite Hollywood Studios Attraction?
Well ok now you see here lies a problem...I have 2......
First Toy Story Midway Mania!

I love Competition to be honest so naturally the ride where you score points to beach the slouch sitting next to you would obviously be at the top of my list.  So actually i cant find the picture but i have had the top score of the hour on this ride....once.  One my bucket list it says score 300000 but to tell u the truth i want 500000.  no no its not impossible its just improbable which for me means it just takes time.  And also i want to have the top of the month too just because it would be AWESOME.
Now for #2
Muppet Vision 3D

Now i know some of you are think hey this attraction is old...its boring and it just is plain bad......WELL YOUR WRONG.  This is the Muppets thats why i love it not cause its scary or cause of any other reason its the Muppets and its the only reason i need.  The muppets are a dying breed and disney needs to bring them back in any way they can, they are starting with a new Muppet movie coming out in the next few years.  The Muppets need more of a presence in the parks though(along with star wars), they are just simply too amazing to let go in my opinion

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