Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 4 of 30

Favorite Attraction in Fantasyland?

Mickeys Philharmagic

I really had a tough time picking in this land.  It came down to this or Peter Pans Flight and i just feel this attraction is so great that i had to pick it.  The sites, the smells and where else do you get to see Donald shot into a wall.

Ok so i figured out that i can add pages to my blog so instead of putting all my list on Google Docs im just going to add them as pages and update them accordingly.

I really cant wait to get to Florida now last Friday as you might know there was a blizzard (damn Articuno) and we had school cancelled, well then on Sunday night there was a Thunderstorm.......yes you read that right WTF OHIO.  I cannot wait to leave also im have very very very very bad senioritis which dont help.  I haven't been to the WORLD since last August which for me is a very long time.  pry longest since senior year in high school (6 years) so i have major Disney withdraw.  Also please feel free to post comments on here just keep everything very Disney like, i really want any feedback that you have so let me know if there is something specific you would like to see or if you know how to increase the number of people who see my blog please let me know.

See you real soon!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Omg that's my fav too! Lol that and dumb :)