Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 11 of 30

Favorite Hollywood Studios area?
Pixar Place

I have to say Pixar Place.  This was a very hard decision and i think the reason i picked this area is cause it not only houses one of my favorite rides in all of WDW, but i think because of the potential for the area.  I mean monsters inc coaster incredibles things and much much more.  
O today i went to the disney presentation on my campus it was really cool got to meet all the campus reps and the recruiter now i know some of you might be thinking why would he go if he already has been accepted.  I understand your point but i think be this small it is a good networking tool to START your DCP.  
On a side note got pokemon Black yesterday already have 2 badges and a pokedex of 21 nice haha.  

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