Saturday, May 21, 2011

Its been a While

Ok so we got here(to florida) last Saturday night bout 10 at night i think.  We do the usual unpack a bit go to bed in hopes of the trailer coming sunday morning and unpackin the rest of our MILLIONS of things then....well alas it did not show up until sunday night so we unpack and do whatever we needed and we finally finish moving.....tuesday afternoon.

May 20th 2011----We decided we wanted to go to some parks before we start the CP and since this was the day of the opening of the newly enhanced Star Tours our first stop was DHS.  70 min wait for Toy story mania which was to be expected then it said a 75 minute wait for Star was not 75 minutes maybe more like 30-40.  After that a little car ride over to the magic kingdom and hit up a few rides there which is where i discovered a Ride Counter for a ipad.  This thing is from and it counts the amount of times you have ridden most rides in the WDW parks, even has the monorails and ferry boats in there.  Since we have not been here long my most rode attractions are Pirates of the Caribbean and Space Mountain both at 2.  New thing on my bucket list is to go on Haunted Manison 100 times while i am here.  Speaking of the Bucket list 2 things.
1. I will be officially starting that and the character list on Monday or whenever i get my blue main gate pass
2. One more addition will be to find EVERY hidden mickey on property well at least the ones in my Ipad app which is 828 different ones.  This app is based off of Steve M. Barrett's Hidden Mickey books and have a list of all the current Hidden mickeys and has an easy to use system to keep track of ones you found, i personally recommend this app to anyone who even has an interest in Hidden Mickeys, oo it is Ipod based so it looks a little blurry on ipads but dont matter still awesome.

Some Muppet Vinyls updates got up to 6 or 7 on series 2 and still lookin for chaser for series 1 also got my first Star Wars series Vinyl Lando so gonna start working on those

Well for right now this is it i wanted to use this post to get back into the bloggin swing of things so i can start doing it often i will have my next post up monday after we check in at Casting and i will be posting some pictures and videos soon so keep checking back.

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