Monday, May 23, 2011

CP meetup and Check in day!

Earl of Sandwich Cp meet up was awesome got to meet alot of the Cp's and chill for a bit found some friends to go to halloween horror nights and the disney parks with.  Also discovered a new drink from Downtown Disney Margarita Bar called the RumRunner, its got brandy, rum, and 151 in it so you know its awesome.
5/23 Check in day
Ok check in at casting at 930am get there it was crazy and amazingly efficient but what else would you expect from disney right!  I get my work location tag and im working at Typhoon Lagoon in Merchandise im excited i get to work at a water park its gonna be awesome maybe i can finally learn to scuba dive now.  So after doing the usual check in and things i get my location stuff i have traditions Wednesday at 8am( the first session for Cp's) and then i dont start work training til sunday at 8am at The lagoon, so that mean that Thursday, Friday, and Saturday im going to the parks.  And this today The 23rd of May 2011 is when the bucket list and character list officially starts so make sure to keep checking in for updates see you all later this week....pry wednesday after traditions I will have another post and im soon hoping to do a vlog from the parks.  

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