Sunday, May 29, 2011

Traditions, day off, day off, day off, work!!!

Traditions...well it is exactly how it sounds and i cant tell you anymore or i would have to kill you.  just kidding i can tell a bit well we learned some history took a tour and overall it was great intro to disney experience.  Got done with traditions at about 1 on wednesday and did not have to work again until today(sunday)....well with all that spare time what is there to do well simple PARKS.  
Went to the parks wednesday, thursday, and saturday. Worked a bit on my ride counter my best so far is 2 and thats Star tours and Buzz Lightyear also got my hidden mickey count up to 70 only 760ish left to go.  Also i finally got one thing off my bucket list and thats scoring 999999 on buzz lightyear.  I have a picture but i cannot add it yet will do in the next few days though when i get my desktop computer up and running.  Finally we get to today had training for Typhoon lagoon and it was AWESOME meet a bunch of new people learned alot about the waterpark and afterwards went and picked up my costume.  Well until next time everyone it has been fun!!!

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