Saturday, February 26, 2011

start of 30 day challenge(Day 1) and some other stuff

OK first off sorry its been a while got a little busy and had a crazy week, but moving on so a few additions to the bucket list.  First off is awesome if you dont know what it is go here read up on it and then go start finding caches.  I have found so far 462 my goal is while doing the internship to find 100 in Florida, plus i have a goal to hit 500 before i even leave to do the internship.  Also my name on the site TheGreekSeekers send me a friend request.  Also for the 50 characters im gonna be making a list of characters il be putting that up soon enough so be ready for that to come.

Ok now start of this 30 day picture challenge.  First here is a list of all 30 days incase anyone else wants to start this up.

  1. Favorite Walt Disney World park?

  2. Favorite land in the Magic Kingdom?

  3. Favorite attraction in Tomorrowland?

  4. Favorite attraction in Fantasyland?

  5. Favorite attraction in Liberty Square?

  6. Favorite attraction in Frontierland?

  7. Favorite attraction in Adventureland?

  8. Which is your favorite in Epcot, future world or the worlds?

  9. Favorite attraction in future world?

  10. Favorite attraction in the worlds?

  11. Favorite Hollywood Studios area?

  12. Favorite Hollywood Studios attraction?

  13. Favorite Animal Kingdom area?

  14. Favorite Animal Kingdom attraction

  15. Favorite Walt Disney World Resort?

  16. Favorite snack to grab in the parks?

  17. Favorite restaurant?

  18. What attraction do you wish they would bring back?

  19. What is your least favorite attraction?

  20. Favorite Walt Disney World dessert?

  21. Favorite character to see in the park?

  22. Favorite parade?

  23. What is the scariest ride?

  24. Favorite face character? (shows their true face, no mask)

  25. Favorite activity outside of the park, but still on Disney property?

  26. Favorite Souvenir?

  27. Favorite Walt Disney World breakfast?

  28. Favorite firework show?

  29. Favorite monorail color?

  30. Favorite statue, fountain, or eye candy in the parks? (something that always grabs youreye)

Alright so here we go Day 1

Favorite Walt Disney World Park?

Disney Hollywood Studios!!!!!

I really think i am one of the few people who really love this park.  For me it has everything from tower of terror and rock n roller coaster to Toy Story Midway Mania to Character Drawing.  It also has a lot of Character to get your pictures with which is nice and to top it all off my FAVORITE THING..............THE MUPPET'S!!!!!!

Until next time everybody!!!!!!

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  1. I must say you do make a good point about DHS. But all that is why its my number 2 park. My all time number 1 park is...Animal Kingdom!!! All I have to say is Kilimanjaro Safari. Where else can you ride with all those animals and take trails with all those animals. You also have a time travel ride, bugs and a yeti. Although I want some dragons! maybe a unicorn.