Friday, February 11, 2011

First Post

Alright first post and where to begin.  First off im making this to kinda follow me through my disney internship, which i start May 23rd.  I know its soon but i gotta start somewhere.  So i applied for the CP(college program) January 19th and had my phone interview 2 days later on the 21st.  Apparently it went well i was accepted as a merchandise cast member on February 9th almost 3 weeks later, those 3 weeks sucked horribly in case you were wondering,.  Awesome........So i decided to start this and here i am a kid about to graduate college and move 1000 miles away to a state that will probably be under water in 50 years. ....FUN

Alright since i got the first one almost out of the way il give a little future hints at whats to come people.  Soon, pry within the next few days il put up my WDWCP Bucketlist of this i HAVE to do before im done with the CP.  Only problem is if you know me i have been to disney alot (30+ times) so this list is gonna be kind of difficult to come up with.  Well thats it for now See ya real soon everybody!!!!!!!


  1. Congrats can't wait to see the CP Bucklist... in-action

  2. It starts May 23rd so be ready hahaha