Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Disney Bucket List

Alright so i got a good portion of my bucket list done!! I dont think it will EVER be completed...just like WDW...but i got enough that i wanna put it up here.

Get a kitchen sink from beaches and cream
Ride haunted mansion 10 times in one day
*All 4 parks in one day
Eat at victories and alberts
Stay one night at gf beach club and contemporary
Go down summit plummet
Go fishing on bay lake
Get 300000 on toy story mania
*Get 999999 on buzz lightyear
Eat at California grill
Eat at mickeys backyard BBQ
Drink around the world showcase
Eat at le cellier steak house
Explore wide world of sports
Get pictures and autograph from 50 different characters
Eat at every restaurant on property
Go on every ride/attraction on property
Get lunch with an imagineers
See scuba Mickey
Get picture with figment

*already accomplished but gonna do it again just for fun

Thats it to start i will add to the list as time progresses and update as i complete them.  Also starting this Friday i will be starting the 30 day disney challenge, to help pass the time so get excited ooooo ya also


This is the link to my countdown to the start of my CP.  If your wondering why i picked this date i have some reasons.  First off Pirates of the Caribbean 4 comes on on May 20th, also Star Tours 2 is suppose to open May 22nd so this way i can go down a week or so early get settled in and be there for some these awesome Openings.


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